Last YSEP 4/23/17

So I posted earlier about  being the  YSEP (Youth Science Enrichment Program) Co-coordinator this past year for our school's SNMA chapter.  Sadly, we had our last session a couple of weeks ago.  All good things come to an end I guess , but I'm happy to pass down the program to next year's co-coordinators so they can do their thing.

In our last session we taught the students about different specialties in medicine like Pediatrics, Internal  Medicine, OB, Cardiology, Psychiatry, and Emergency Medicine . Some of the volunteers and I  pretended to be doctors in these specialties and acted out what each specialty  encompasses. Then we let some of the students wear our white coats and act out different specialties themselves.

After that we let the students present to the class what they'd like to be when they grow up and how they plan on achieving their goals. Of course not everyone wanted to do medicine. We had a couple basketball players, fashion designers, and lawyers in the mix, but it was still nice hearing them set goals for themselves in the future.

I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to mentor these students over the past year! Better yet, I'm so blessed to attend a medical school with and SNMA chapter that is so dedicated to reaching back and mentoring students of color.  I can only hope that through our efforts and the efforts of other SNMA chapters across the country that we will diversify the face of medicine and have a pool of physicians just as diverse as the populations we serve. 


Judy Oranika