Annual Medical Education Conference

So 2 weeks ago I attended SNMA's Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC), and had a blast! This was my second AMEC, and it seems like they just get better and better each year. 

Most of my day consisted of attending House of Delegates business meetings, visiting the exhibition hall, meeting countless residency program directors, networking breakfasts/lunches,  and partying hard. 

I'll keep it short, but there's just something inspiring about rubbing elbows with 1800+ minority medical students, premed students, and physicians each year. The workshops and panel discussions are always on point and relevant.

It's just amazing meeting physicians and residents who were in my shoes not so long ago. To see people on the other side where I hope to be in the future is such an inspiration and shows me that if they could do it so can I. 

You all see my  Instagram/ blog posts and while it may seem like all fun and games, don't get it twisted, medical school is THE  most challenging process I've ever had to go through  in my entire life. The sheer discipline, mental strength, and emotional stability required of me on a daily basis is unprecedented, so just to talk to people who were once in my shoes, and have crossed the burning sands,  is such a HUGE deal to me. It shows me that I'm not alone, and that I can accomplish everything I've set out to do. It's just a matter of perseverence and mental fortitude. 

Each year's AMEC is just the encouragement I need to finish the year strong. At this point I've completed my second year of medical school, but one of my biggest hurdles is yet to come:-Step 1- the $600 national board exam I have to pass before I begin 3rd year. Not only do I have to pass, but the better my score is the more competitive I look when it comes time to apply for residency. I take the exam in about 6 weeks, so this'll probably be my last post until then. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

Second year, it's been great. 

Judy Oranika