The Little Things- 9/26/17

So yesterday I took a personal day  after having studied endlessly for exams this past weeked. I decided that I  wasn't going to study all at all... in the middle of the week. What did I do on my personal day,  you ask? Sleep in. Go grocery shopping. Cook. Grab coffee with friends. 

I'm sure most of you are like:

But real talk, there's something about having to grind 24/7 towards a medical degree that makes you crave the mundane things in life that everyone else seems to takes for granted. Medical school is intense, but doable, nonetheless. You tend to study more than most students just to stay on top of your work.  

mean of course I set aside a couple hours (like 3) a day to do the things I enjoy like  watch YouTube, work out, or talk with friends. But, rarely a day goes by where I don't have to do at least some type of studying. Luckily, the day following exams I can usually afford to take a complete day off and then play catch up the next couple of days.

I know alot of people are striving towards their goals, and maybe even medical school, but make sure you appreciate every single day, even the things you don't consider to be special.

To me, grocery shopping for fun isn't lame. It's relaxing. It's soothing. It's...normal, something I don't get to be on most days. 

Judy Oranika