Chrimuh in Vegas

My friends and I had talked about going to Vegas since sophomore year in undergrad, and we finally made it happen!

We didn't even scratch the surface of things to do in Vegas, but I'll put you guys on to some of the things we did.

1. ATVing in the desert was by far the LITTEST thing we did in my opinion. We booked a 1 hr tour via SunBuggy rentals. If you're staying on the Strip, they'll send a shuttle to pick you up from your hotel and drop you off. Basically you're assigned to a "tour guide" who guides you and your party through the desert. The views were amazing! I won't lie, it was slightly scary at first. There were definitely a couple of bumps where I thought, "Is this how it ends?", but once you relax and learn how to control the ATV it's SO much fun. 

2. Walking around on the strip is the easiest way to kill a couple of hours, especially at Christmas time. Each hotel was decorated from top to bottom. We stayed at the Venetian which has its own indoor/outdoor gondola and tons of shops and restaurants. It was gorgeous. 

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

3. Another highlight of the trip was seeing Mariah Carey aka the queen of Christmas perform. We were a little skeptical about her vocal range these days, but we took a risk and it was well worth it. Yall know I lost it when she started "All I Want for Christmas is You."

4. If you're looking for good shopping on the strip, then Fashion Show mall is your best bet. Most hotels have their own shops, but Fashion Show Mall has basically any store you could think of, and word on the street is they have a fashion show every afternoon.

You already know what's going on here

You already know what's going on here

Random Hacks:

1. Travel close to the holidays but not necessarily during the holidays. My friends and I traveled to between December 18th-22nd right before Christmas, so our room was wayyy more affordable than it would have been between Christmas and New Years'.

2. Tix 4 Tonight -  is a cheaper way to buy tickets for shows happening that night and they're discounted because you're buying them semi-last minute.

3. Tix for Dining- is another great way to save some coins on dining. You pay $5 for a dining pass for the week, and you get discounts at a number of restaurants (and some retailers) on the strip. We didn't get the pass til halfway thru the trip, and it still was worth the money. We got 50% off of our entree at an Italian restaurant one night and the food was BOMB. We used it a couple more times throughout the trip. You can get Tix4Tonight and Tix4Dining at the Fashion Show Mall.

4. If you're planning on going out, let the front desk at the hotel know and they'll recomend clubs for you and put you on the guest list so you don't have to stand in line as long. And make sure you go on "Hip hop night" at whatever club you go to because those spots have the best music. Otherwise you'll be stuck listening to dubstep and techno remixes of your favorite trap hits.

Enjoy this low quality IG story footage of day 2 of our trip.

Judy Oranika