I H8 the Club: A Grad Night Horror Story


So, I recently I graduated from undergrad, and to celebrate I bought tickets to 1000Grads, this party hosted every year for grads at my school.  It was a hot mess.

Here’s what went down.

After my grad dinner, my friend K  and I rushed back to DC to get ready and meet the rest of our group. The normally 20 minute drive took us more than an hour because of the rain and traffic, so we ended up telling our friends to go on without us and that we’d meet them there.

While driving back to DC, I realized that I was SUPER tired and silently contemplated just calling it a night and going to bed.  It would have been perfecttttt. I’d just eaten my weight in P.F. Chang’s and could have fallen asleep to The Office happy, dry, and full. But then I thought about the $40 I dropped for this party and quickly changed my mind.

 When we got to the venue and saw that security was holding the line outside IN THE RAIN, I should have run straight back to my room cartwheeled into my bed. Instead, K and I got out of our Uber to join the line, holding our LEATHER jackets (crying as I type this btw) over our heads to protect us from the baby hurricane outside.

I figured we’d only be standing outside for ten minutes tops. But ten minutes came and went, and that’s when I decided we needed to finesse our way into the function. Like, what did I look like as cute as I was standing outside in the rain getting drenched??? You can’t stunt in the function when u look like you been sitting on the front row at SeaWorld!!  

We made our way to the side door which was slightly cracked open and tried to slip in unseen. K ran into into the manager, had a whole conversation with him, then offered to pay him to let us in (lol).  
But he was like,  “Nah bye.”

We got back in line and stood there for another 15 minutes. Eventually we made it pretty close to the front. I was practically breathing the venue’s air.  But of course, like almost every time there’s a perfectly peaceful and orderly line, somebody thought to themselves, “HMM, LET ME ACT A COMPLETE FOOL!” and started pushing.

Suddenly, everyone was pushing and trying to bum rush into the venue. I mean, I don’t blame them. We were being held outside in a slight MONSOON like abandoned puppies. Security started pushing back and that’s when I realized I wasn’t getting in any time soon.

All I remember is being pushed back and forth for the next ten minutes, getting slapped around by soggy weave and almost being blinded by flying umbrellas. It was like a traumatic, unending swag surf.
At one point my leg almost got stuck in the door as security was trying to pull it shut, and that’s when  I SNAPPED and left.

I’ll spare you guys  the rest of the details on my leaving. Let’s just say it involved more pushing, dramatic screaming, near fights, and the smell (yes smell) of reverting leave outs and drenched Malaysian  bundles.

Alas, like with most unpleasant events that happen in life, I had to take a step back and learn a lesson from the nightmare that was my graduation night. Here’s what I learned: 
1. Know Yourself and Do You! Always trust your gut. You know yourself better than anyone else, so do what’s best for you. I KNEWWWWW I was super tired from graduation and I KNEWWWWWWW I was already satisfied with my day and would have been much happier dry and in my bed. But, I went against my better judgement and decided to go out. Of course, I was under the impression that this was just going to be another fun night out with my friends, but at the end of the day I could have just taken a rain check if I wasn’t feeling it. 

2. Do things because you really want to do them and not because you feel obligated. Like I stated in a previous post, I don’t really care for parties. They’re hot, people be musty,  and I don’t drink like that. I mean, I have fun, but I’d come to the realization early in my college career that I could really live  without parties.  But here I was again, at 1000Grads subjecting myself to a less than preferred environment just so I could party with my friends “one last time”.  I was partying out of obligation and not because I really felt like it. 

When you decide that something isn’t for you then there’s really no need to go back to said thing just to do it “one last time”.  I normally stick to my convictions, but every now and then I get amnesia and go back to things I’ve said I’ll never do again, convincing myself that it wasn’t really that bad and that I might as well do it one last time. Jokes. I almost always end up internally shaking my head , thinking, “Really girl…again?”
 3Don’t believe the hype You can’t believe everything you hear or see. Before I elaborate let me give a disclaimer:  I LOVE (like LOVE) my school, and I have no doubt that my classmates will go on to be world shakers, ground breakers, and ceiling shatter…ers. 

 BUT I also know that my classmates stay flexin and have the undeniable talent of hypin things up and making them seem more lit than they really were. After I got back from the Hot Mess Express that was 1000Grads, I remember scrolling on social media and seeing how cute and lit everybody looked only to find out the next day that 1000Grads was actually wack. Apparently, a couple fights had broken out and the music kept getting shut off.
 Social media is fun. Flexing is fun. But always take it lightly, and never feel like you've missed out on something amazing because people hyped it up. And let’s be real half the time college students hype up any party it’s because they were drunk, high, or both. To always believe the hype is to truly play yourself.
4. A leather jacket is not an umbrella. Honestly, RIP to my jacket bro! 

5. Always demand a refund for boo boo customer service. Oh, you already know I got my refund. I don’t play about my money.    
Never again. 

Look how happy I was before the tom foolery        originally posted 6/14/17

Look how happy I was before the tom foolery



originally posted 6/14/17

Judy Oranika