I Crashed A Stranger's Party

Well,  not intentionally.

I actually thought I was going to a friend’s party since he was the one who invited me. I’ll explain.
It was spring “break”,  and I use the word break very loosely.  In medical school (well, mine anyways) spring break consisted  of a Thursday, Friday, and weekend off.  So basically it was just a long weekend. Tragic,  I know.

Back to the story.  So it was Spring Long Weekend, and I was ready to make the most of it. The first couple of days consisted of relaxing, shopping,  lunch with friends, and FINALLY cleaning my bathroom (it had gotten: Out. Of. Hand.).   After a successful 2 days of doing me, it only seemed right to end my “break” with a bang. I decided that this bang would be going to a  party a friend had invited me to. Now, we weren’t close friends or anything, but we’d lived on the same floor in a dorm one year, so I felt comfortable enough accepting his invitation.

This friend-let’s call him Mike- texted me Friday afternoon inviting me to a party he and some friends were throwing. It was Spring Long weekend so I thought to myself, “Why not?”  Usually I was too busy on weekends to party,so  I jumped at the opportunity to switch things up.

After going to the movies and Chick fil a with some friends that Friday evening, my friend T and I decided to slide through the party.  (T said I could call her RaRa for the purposes of this blog post because RaRa is her “thot name” , but I’m just going to call her T because this is not a thot tale)

I pulled up the address Mike had texted me. Then T and I caught the Metroto the student apartments where the party was. We arrived around midnight (sorry, mom).  Neither T nor I had key cards to get into the building, so we quietly slipped in behind studentswho actually lived there.I pretended to know where I was going while the security guard pretended to do her job securing the building from trespassers like myself.

e finally made it to the room where the party was, and instantly I could hear turnt voices screaming over the music blasting in the background.  I’m not going to lie. It sounded lit. I thought I was about to walk into this:

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via Giphy

(isn’t this just the longest gif ever, btw)

I texted Mike, telling him that we were waiting at the door. Shortly after I sent the text, the door opened.
Now, call me crazy, but I expected  Mike to open  the door since I had just texted him.
Instead, a dude in fashionable, tan Pharrell-esque hat opened the door.
I smiled.  “Hey, is Mike here?” I asked.
“Mike,”  he replied, “That’s my BOIIIII….nah he’s not coming.”
My insides screamed, “Wait WHET?!?”

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via Giphy

But my outsides said, “Oh, Cool.”

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Had PharrellJr.  looked away for even a split second,  this would have been me:

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I would have BOUNCED with or without T and never looked back  ( Sorry, girl. Love you tho).

I mean, I had no idea what I was walking into. The one person I would have known at this party was nowhere to be found and wasn’t texting back!!!

swallowed my shock and growing anger and reluctantly stepped inside. I decided that since I’d made the effort to come to this function that I might as well make an effort to enjoy myself. T and I followed Pharrell Jr. into the kitchen. On my way there Ilooked around the room for familiar faces.
This was me when I realized that I recognized ABSOLUTELY NO ONE:

I looked around the room one more time and realized that I actually did recognize someone. It was the spawn of Satan that I had met 2 semesters ago.  Let’s call him Ted. This dude asked for my number, we made plans to hang out, he cancelled last minute, and then proceeded to destroy my life with his super wack text back game. I never initiated these texts, but for some reason I was always left waiting hours and even days for a text back.  One time he texted me a week late. I KID YOU NOT.  (I turned my read receipts on specifically to read his message and not respond…not that he noticed/cared.)

When I saw Ted at the function I faked a smiled and waved , making  my way to the kitchen looking like:

via Associated Press

via Associated Press

I set my purse and cardigan down on a barstool near the kitchen and turned to T.

“Wow,”  is all I could say.

Honestly I was completely blown!  I was trying to figure out how and why I had managed to find myself in a complete stranger’s home at this party and why this dude Mike didn’t text me back when I asked where he was (I think this is karma for my own poor text etiquette…I need to start texting people back on time) .

ow, don’t get me wrong.  The host was really nice and accommodating, and everyone around us made an effort to make us feel comfortable. I just couldn’t shake the small voice from my soul that whispered, “Who are these people??????”

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Anyway, I continued to enjoy myself and chat with these friendly strangers throughout the night. I really don’t know why T and I stayed as long as we did (jk, we stayed because the guys were cute and tall). Eventually, however, as the room got darker and the playlist wacker,  T and I dipped.   I two stepped my way to the door and didn’t look back.

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via Giphy

It wasn’t necessarily a horrendous night, but as I rode the musty Metro train back to my dorm,  I couldn’t help but wonder why I had  felt so compelled to even go to this party.  I’m more of a Chick-fil-a and chill type of girl anyway.

had to get real with myself though.  The real reason I went to this party was because subconsciously I felt like I was missing out on part of my undergrad experience. I was overcompensating for my relatively short undergrad careerby trying to reclaim some of the experiences I felt I was missing out on due to medical school (e.g. college parties, day trips, free time, etc.).

For those who don’t know , I was blessed with the privilege of being accepted into a BS/MD program which allowed me to complete undergrad in 2 years, take the MCAT, and start my first year of medical school in what would have been my junior year of undergrad.

Because of this, I had been straddling the line between being an undergrad student and a medical student all year. Even though I was living out my dream of going to medical school, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d given up part of my undergrad experience. I couldn’t always  go out on the weekends with my undergrad  friends because of the demanding workload of medical school.  And God forbid someone make impromptu plans on a week night like going to grab dinner!

Thinking about the things I’d given up made room for me to compare myself to my friends and peers who were still in undergrad. I wasn’t completely focused and committed to my own unique journey as an individual or as a medical student. I’d allowed seeds of comparison to sprout into fruit of discontentment. So when the opportunity  to go to a party presented itself, I jumped on it. And look where that got me: at a random house party with strangers.

That whole night wasn’t me. That party wasn’t my scene.And my discontentment actually made me forget that “Oh yeah, I hate parties and meeting new people.”

Listen, if there’s one thing I could caution my peers and younger self about, it’d be the dangers of comparing yourself to others. Don’t allow comparison to rob you of your joy! Guard your heart. I had let what I saw on social media, interactions with my peers, and my own negative thoughts convince me that my own life and the blessings I had been given weren’t enough.

I had worked, prayed, and cried out to God for months to give me the ability to do well on my MCAT and make it into medical school, yet here I was less than a year later feeling discontent with where I had ended up.  Crazy, I know.

I lost sight of the fact that the Bible says:
“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
I had had my time in undergrad, and although it was short, I really enjoyed myself. I’d gone to parties, explored the city,traveled with friends, met cool people, and found myself.

Now, the time had come for me to move on, appreciating my past experiences but looking forward to what was to come. How was I to successfully  move forward if I was so busy looking back 24/7? Simple, I couldn’t.

I’d read in Psalm 139: 16 numerous times that “…all the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.”

My journey was already mapped out by God before I was ever born. He knew that I’d only spend 2 years in undergrad and would start medical school early. He always knew.My path was never meant to look like anyone else’s. It was uniquely made for me, and I needed to get on board with His plan.
I want to challenge everyone reading to stay focused. Know yourself. Know your journey. Be confident in who you are and where you’re headed. What’s meant for you will always be for you. God’s already mapped it out. Submit your life to Him, and seek His will so you’ll actually know who He’s called you to be.

Be content in your season and grow where you’ve been planted. I know it’s easier said than done, but take it a day at a time. Acknowledge the blessings you encounter every day like family, friends, good weather, and  Flamin Hot Cheetos. Joy and contentment are a choice. Choose them, and I promise you’ll gain a new appreciation for your life and the unique journey you’ve been destined for.





originally posted 7/12/16

Judy Oranika