Corrine Bailey Rae Concert

Last night I finally got to witness the angelic Corrine Bailey Rae perform live! I'd been listening to her since middle school, so it definitely felt like a full circle experience to attend her concert as a second year medical student (and lowkey college senior). The concert took place at the historic Lincoln Theater on U St. which served the African American community throughout history, especially during times of segregation when they were barred from other theaters.

Past performers at Lincoln Theater include Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few. The atmosphere had a way of making me feel as if my experience was also being stitched into the patchwork quilt of this theater's rich heritage. I was honored just to be in the venue. 

An artist by the name of Mayaeni opened the show for Corrine. She was amazing! She had one of those rich, beautiful raspy voices that was uniquely beautiful.
(Sidenote: Whenever I have a sore throat and my voice is a little raspy, I pretend to be Adele and sing in the shower. That's how Mayaeni  sounded...but better)

I and countless others screamed our heads off when Corrine finally graced us with her presence. She was gorgeous! 


"uys. Her voice was PERFECT. She sounded  better live than she does in her recordings. Like is that even possible? She sang every word with deep conviction and soul, directly juxtaposed by her light and whimsical dancing. Each song was preceded by a anecdote about why she wrote specific songs and what was going on in her life at the time. It was pretty cool learning about her as an artist while simultaneously enjoying her music. 

Her set list included: "Breathless" (my fave), "Green Aphrodisiac", "Been to the Moon", "Do You Ever Think of Me", "Horse Print Dress", and more! 

She even sang her own rendition of Bob Marley's "Is this Love". 

When she finally sang "Put Your Records On" I had to fight to hold it together. Put Your Records On was the song that started it all for me! After hearing that song in middle school I was an instant fan!

After she finished her set, she pranced off stage to a standing ovation which continued for at least another minute. Then she popped back out with her band and said, "Did you guys really think I was going to leave you like that?" And then she preceded to bless us with "Like A Star". 

It. Was. Beautiful.

Before she finally exited the stage, she mentioned that she'd be hanging around to sign albums, so me and my friend Morgen instantly dashed to the merch table and bought the album.

After 45 minutes of waiting we each got to meet her! She was so sweet and took the time to talk to us and take pictures  before signing our albums. I complimented her on the show and her cute red jumpsuit. ( It was so cute yall!)  While signing my album, she said my name was beautiful (hair flip).

learly it was a great night. The ticket and album I purchased were so worth it! As Satan would have it, my picture with Corrine won't upload so go look at it on Insta @judora_

I basically recorded the whole concert on Snapchat (add me: judayy13), so enjoy the footage haha

originally published 9/11/16

Judy Oranika